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I’m having a bad tech day.
Ihad an oddly unsettling experience at a Chinese restaurant.
Articles on adult literacy typically cite statistics like this, from the National Assessment of Adult Literacy: 45 percent of adults in the United States are English-language literate only at the basic level or below.
When Social Security was first instituted in 1935, the retirement age was set at 65. Most people know benefits can start as early as age 62. In 1935, men who made it to age 65 could look forward to another 13 years, women another 15 years, on average.
In my last column, I presented a recipe I make with my granddaughters, applesauce. I find teaching and cooking with them to be one of the most satisfying times I can spend in my kitchen.
Hello, vintage base ball fans. As I write this, it is still only 38 degrees outside, cloudy and not conducive to getting into the baseball spirit. Nonetheless, I’m going to try.
All things may be relative, but temperature, especially, requires context.
Evergreen Village project
What do you like to read?
I just finished doing my federal income tax return and sending in the check. Maybe it’s because Washington D.C. is so far away, or maybe because most of what I see about our federal government is the evening news portraying all the partisan bickering, but I always question if I am getting my money’s worth for all the federal taxes I pay.
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