Letters to the Editor

Your ‘yes’ vote counts for Sandwich schools

To the Editor:

On March 20 a question will be on the ballot asking voters to approve a referendum to provide revenue to complete life safety projects for our Sandwich School District. Please know this referendum will decrease your bond and interest tax rate; not increase the rate.

While the language on the ballot can look overwhelming or intimidating to the voter and taxpayer, it must be worded in that manner per the school code. Regardless of the ballot language, your "yes" vote boils down to two very attainable and acceptable goals: 1) generating revenue to fix and repair life safety work in our schools; and 2) receiving tax relief.

The ballot reads: “Shall the debt service extension base under the Property Tax Extension Law for Sandwich Community Unit School District Number 430, DeKaib, LaSalle and Kendall Counties, Illinois, for payment of principal and interest on limited bonds be increased from $87,411.12 to $787,411.12 for the 2018 levy year and all subsequent levy years, such debt service extension base to be increased each year by the lesser of 5 percent or the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index during the 12-month calendar year preceding the levy year?”

Don’t forget, you can vote early if you can’t make it on March 20 – your "yes" vote counts!

John Frieders


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