Letters to the Editor

Letter: Stars aligned for vote

To the Editor:

Coming up in March is a Sandwich School District 430 referendum vote where the stars, moon, sun, planets and budgets have all aligned. Rarely does the situation arise that funding becomes critical and taxes can be reduced. The critical funding is for life safety issues in our children’s schools; there is no higher priority.

Since budgeting has traditionally been very tight in District 430, decisions involving budget reductions that could impact programs and services might be resorted to in order to pay for these important and mandatory expenditures. However, the bonds and related payments used to build the middle school are being paid off so allocations for taxes can be lowered to all the citizens of Sandwich, while making these lifesaving corrections and improvements in facilities.

These items must be corrected and upgraded; there’s no argument or negotiating. Our children’s safety is at stake. So don’t miss the opportunity to reduce your taxes at the same time. Vote early, or vote on March 20, but vote yes. It is very much appreciated.

Duff and Shelly Hay


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