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Letter: Halloween candy buy back thank you

To the Editor:

The Waters Dental Group of Sandwich would like to thank everyone who helped make our ninth annual Halloween Candy Buy Back a huge success, each year continues to grow in one way or another. Thank you for everyone’s participation, the grand total came in at an estimated weight of over 500 pounds, wow!

We appreciate the candy donations and the time spent coloring pictures and writing letters. Once again a big thank you to the Lorntz Smith family for your organization and for collections from Sacred Heart Church, St. Mary’s Church, St. Lawrence Church, and Mazon, Verona, and Kinsman middle and elementary schools’ and everyone at these locations that donated. WOW, it takes great united communities like these to come together for this great cause! A big thank you to the Operation Care Package and Plano VFW for shipping the candy and children’s coloring pictures overseas. Dr. John Waters and Dr. Kara Flynn lead this annual anti decay movement because they know the damaging effects of too much candy on children’s teeth.

By leading this anti-decay movement, kids can continue to have all the fun of trick-or-treating, but now their piggy banks have a little extra cash, too. Remember to limit candy and sweets and use your new glowing tooth brushes regularly to limit decay and promote a healthy mouth and a health body. Thank you for supporting this wonderful project and our community.

For any additional information please call 815-786-2146 or visit The Waters Dental Group online at www.watersdentalgroup.com.

Jenna Christensen

Business coordinator

The Waters Dental Group


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