Letters to the Editor

Plano-Bologna-Sandwich Day a success

To the Editor:

The “Plano-Bologna-Sandwich Day” organizing committee would like to thank the following individuals, organizations and businesses for supporting and promoting our inaugural event on National Bologna Day, Oct. 24, at the Timber Creek Inn & Suites.

They include the mayors of Plano and Sandwich, Bob Hausler and Rick Olson, the two chambers of commerce and their directors, Rich Healy and Alethia Hummel. Dr. V. and Rediberri Corp. of Timber Creek Inn & Suites for use of the hotel to conduct our event out of the elements.

Also, thanks to Ed and Wolf Schleining and Gus Walsh of Wurst Kitchen for the donation and cooking of 200 pounds of delicious bologna for sandwiches; Kelly Gibbs and the IVVC Graphic Arts Department and students; A&B Exteriors, R. B. Associates and Consulting, Fox Valley YMCA, the Sandwich Lions Club volunteers and the Plano and Sandwich Economic Development heads, Rich Healy and Jim Teckenbrock for all of your effort and support to make this dream come true.

Special thanks to our co-mayors of Bologna, Illinois: Karl Rud and Ed Schleining, for going along with the gag and providing all of us with some much-needed comic relief in the process.

Thank you to all who came out despite the dreary weather, to drop off your donations of nonperishable foods for our local food pantries and their patrons. Without your support our effort would have appeared hollow. We gathered more than 20 bins of food through your kind and generous donations.

We received plenty of positive feedback that you enjoyed our unique and distinctive one-day event and that you are looking forward to a 2018 edition of PBS Day, as are we.

On behalf of Rick Olson, Bob Hausler and Ed Schleining, we sincerely thank you.

Chris Schwemlein

PBS Day Committee

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