Loose large lizard captured in Yorkville subdivision

Yorkville police, along with Kendall County Animal Control, the Bristol-Kendall Fire Protection District, state conservation officers and a wildlife removal specialist, all chipped in last week to help rescue a loose lizard in a Yorkville subdivision.

What appeared to be a monitor lizard was reported loose in the area of Cannonball Trail and Fairhaven Drive on Aug. 30.

The lizard was eventually captured in a trap at around 10 p.m., according to Police Chief Rich Hart.

According to Yorkville police, the lizard was handed over to a zoologist, who is taking care of it.

Police said the owner of the lizard came forward to claim ownership; it is not known how the lizard escaped. Police said that after the Department of Natural Resources conducted an investigation, it was determined that the lizard was legally owned in the state and had appropriate housing.

The investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed against the lizard’s owner, police said.

The reptile was approximately 2 ½ to 3 feet in length, according to law enforcement on the scene. The lizard was loose but quickly escaped to a nearby drainage pipe.

A wildlife control expert was called to the scene by Kendall County Animal Control, and Bristol-Kendall firefighters were brought in to attempt to flush the creature out of the drainage pipe using a fire hose.

After that method and others failed to retrieve the lizard from the drainage pipe, officials blocked one end of the pipe and placed a live trap on the other end. After the commotion died down and people left the scene, the lizard entered the trap and was safely captured without injury, police said.

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