Plano School District to host 'Salute to Service' May 15

The Plano School District will host its fifth annual “Salute to Service” awards ceremony at 6 p.m. Monday, May 15. The ceremony will honor Plano Premier Award recipients, retirees and service award achievements. All district staff, family and community members are invited to this celebration, which will be held in the Auditorium at Plano High School.

Plano Premier Awards

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2017 Plano Premier Awards – over 100 staff members were nominated:

• K-6 Teacher – Bonnie Wykes, fifth grade, Emily G. Johns School

• K-6 Early Career Educator – Abby Long, fourth grade, Emily G. Johns School

• K-6 Team – Third-grade PLC (Missy Anderson, Morgan Brown, Tammi Campbell, Susan Love, Stacy O’Keefe, Lauren Schumacher, Laura Smith, Julie Taxis, Shannon Warner and Lindsey Wendt), Centennial School

• K-6 Service Personnel (tie) – Renee Moody, bilingual instructional aide, Centennial School; Kim Tisberger, fourth-grade special ed instructional aide, Emily G. Johns School

• K-6 Support Personnel – Denise Towne, Learning Center instructional aide, Emily G. Johns School

• 7-12 Teacher – Susan Webb, music teacher, Plano High School

• 7-12 Early Career Educator – Stephanie Sands, seventh-grade language arts teacher, Plano Middle School

• 7-12 Team – Seventh-grade language arts (Michelle Burcenski, Michelle Long, Meghan Pahlke and Stephanie Sands), Plano Middle School

• 7-12 Service Personnel – Angela Way, building secretary, Plano High School

• 7-12 Support Personnel – Will Brown, transition program instructional aide, Plano High School

• District Team – District art teachers (Kristi Falkenthal, Krista Bennett, Leigh Lederman, Leslie Young, Nicole Billips and Dan Tardi)

• District Service Personnel – Suzanne Peruski, administrative assistant/data specialist

• District Support Personnel – Javier Suarez, computer technician

• School Administrator – Mike Zeman, assistant principal, Plano Middle School

• School Board Member – Paul Heller

• Community Volunteer Individual – Jason Andrade, Kendall County Health Department

• Community Volunteer Group – Plano Christian Church

Retirement Recognition

The following retirees will be recognized during the “Salute to Service” ceremony:

Shalley Wakeman – Board of Education member (2015-2017); Paul Heller – Board of Education member (2006-2017); Patti Doyle – instructional skills program teacher, Emily G. Johns School (2001-2017); Margie Bloome – instructional skills program teacher, Plano Middle School (2006-2017); Nancy Martin – bus aide, transportation department (1999-2017); Bonnie Wykes – fifth-grade teacher, Emily G. Johns School (1991-2017); Tim Tyler – math/computer teacher, Plano Middle School (1978-2017).

Service Recognition

The following staff members will celebrate milestone years of service and perfect attendance and will receive pins and certificates.

• 10 years – Holly Anderson, Barb Cantrell, Stephenie Grzywa, Alicia Hansen, Abby Alvarez, Melissa Anderson, Tamara Campbell, Kelly Collum, Jennifer Jernigan, Rebecca Sperry, Liz Schroeder, Kim Sommerville, Andrea Thoms, Humberto Aca, Amy Bertellotti, Mary Block, Marco Cardoso, Kevin McCammon, Deb Richards, Susan Schutt, Faith Skinner, Shannon Stang, Denise Towne, Cara VanDyck, Carolyn Farthing, Karen Franks, Ron Heller, Kara Salmieri, Ben Sperry, Nicole Walters, Melinda Wegener, Misty Heath, Colleen Klema, Jen Metcalf and Tasha Obrycki.

• 15 years – Carol Bivins, Jamie Burscheid, Angie Cornelissen, Joy Rieke, Zach Skinner, Jen Zimmerman, Andy Baker, Angie Carreno, Paula Carter, Laura Hill, Mark Heller and Joe Schaefer.

• 20 years – Susan Love and Sue Olson.

• 25 years – Tammy McGinnis, Christine Burgin and John Chernick.

• Perfect attendance – Dave Alstadt, Holly Anderson, Nicole Billips, Randy Book, Barb Cantrell, Hector Garcia, William Goldsmith, Emily Les, Jeff McGray, Meghan Pahlke, Joceline Godinez, Tina Podschweit, Deborah Schaefer, Joann Shores, Derek Sturn, Manuela Valles and Jane Wallis.

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