Police investigating violence threats at Plano schools

Plano Middle School 804 S. Hale St.
Plano Middle School 804 S. Hale St.

Plano police and Plano School District 88 officials are continuing their investigation of threats of violence found written on the walls at Plano High School and Plano Middle School in recent days.

Police reported that on March 6 a threat was observed written on a bathroom wall at Plano High School.

On Wednesday, March 8, police said another threat of violence was found located in the girl's locker room at Plano Middle School. Police described the message as indicating "a threat of violence towards the school."

Police said they and school officials are investigating both incidents.

In a statement issued Monday, police said they are in contact with school officials to insure the safety of all students and faculty. They ask anyone with information in reference to the threats to contact them at 630-552-3122.

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