County to add safety shoulders to Fox Road between Yorkville and Plano

Kendall County will be adding safety shoulders to Fox Road between Yorkville and Plano this summer as part of a nearly $1.5 million project.

The County Board approved spending $1,450,000 in motor fuel tax revenue on the Fox Road project at its Feb. 21 meeting.

County Highway Engineer Fran Klaas said bids on the project will go out on March 31 and work will begin sometime this summer, most likely in June.

The project will involve resurfacing Fox Road’s pavement and adding 4-foot-wide safety shoulders along the side of the road, from the Fox Lawn subdivision at Poplar Drive to Fox River Drive.

“The road hasn’t been resurfaced in approximately 15 years, so it’s due to get resurfaced,” Klaas said.

The safety shoulders will help pedestrians who are using the road, he said.

“While we were out there working we thought, you know what, let’s put some safety shoulders on there because so many people are walking, jogging, riding their bikes from Yorkville out to Silver Springs,” he said.

Prior to the road being resurfaced, crews will be fixing up a “tiny bridge” on Fox Road just west of the Fox Lawn subdivision, he said. Klaas informed the County Board last July that the bridge would need to be replaced due to a federal weight limit mandate. He said the re-evaluation of the bridge is part of a recent federal mandate to agencies to take a look at older bridges for structural integrity. The bridge was built in 1958 and widened in 1981, he told the board.

“We are going to slide a precast box culvert through the existing bridge opening, it’s kind of a unique thing,” Klaas said. “We bid that late summer, fall, but the contractor has not been out there yet.”

Klaas said there is a May 31 deadline for the box culvert to be installed “and we would like to have that completely finished before we pave the new road.” He said he expects that work to be done in April or May.

He said Fox Road should remain open with some daytime lane closures during the project.

“We don’t anticipate having to completely close the road for either the box culvert or the overlay projects,” he said. “The plan is to keep Fox Road open.”

Galena Road to close during 2018 bridge project

Klaas said Galena Road will be closed during a project next year to complete replace the bridge over Blackberry Creek just west of the road’s intersection with Kennedy Road in Bristol Township.

“That is a complete closure of Galena Road, which we hate to do because there is a lot of traffic,” he said.

There are some structural issues with the creek bridge, Klaas said. He said officials would rather replace the bridge than to have to close it because of dangerous structural problems.

“That bridge is having some issues,” he said. “The substructure is having some problems and before we would have to post the road, we figured let’s just get the whole thing replaced and it should be good for another 50, 60, 70 years.”

Klaas said the county would bid out the project around this time next year, with a start date in late spring and completion in late summer or early fall of 2018.

Traffic on westbound Galena will be detoured onto Kennedy Road. The county, city of Yorkville, and Bristol Township recently entered into an intergovernmental agreement that involves the county contributing $160,000 toward the repair of Kennedy Road to prepare it as a detour route.

Klaas said the city wanted to perform a more complete repair of Kennedy Road that should make it last a decade or more.

“We were going to design that improvement on Kennedy, where we would be the lead, but the city said we want to spend a little more money on it because it’s in such bad shape,” he said “That simplified things a lot for us.”

Klaas said the Kennedy Road repairs should be complete in time for motorists to use the road as a detour for Galena Road when it is closed that summer.

“They’ve agreed to have that Kennedy Road work done by May of 2018, so the road would be in good shape before we close Galena Road,” he said.

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