Super sequel rumors flying

YORKVILLE – There have not been any reports of caped superheroes on Route 126 lately, but that may change soon.

Construction of a temporary two-story farmhouse on Route 126, on the same site where a scene from “Man of Steel” was filmed in 2011, is fueling speculation that a sequel to the 2013 Superman film is in the works.

“Superfans” who follow the production say the house is similar to the one that served as the Kent home in “Man of Steel.” That temporary structure was later torn down.

Angela Zubko, senior planner for the Kendall County Planning, Zoning, and Building Department, said a special events permit for the site was issued to Crown City Pictures Inc., a subsidiary of Warner Bros., through February, for filming of a movie with the working title “Milo and Sage.”

“Man of Steel” had the working title “Autumn Frost.”

“I have been driving by the house every weekend to see if the filming equipment has arrived,” said Superfan Gregory Zosnius. He also helped form the committee responsible for Smallville Superfest and its affiliated museum in Plano. “They are almost done building the house, so I think February sounds like a good bet.”

Plano was the location for scenes in “Man of Steel” set in Superman’s hometown of Smallville, but no one has approached city officials about filming there again.

“I haven’t heard anything to confirm that they would be coming back to Plano,” said Plano mayor Bob Hausler.

Hausler has not heard of any other local filming locations, and Zosnius said she believes most of the movie will be filmed in Michigan, which is disappointing to Hausler.

“I have always said we would welcome them back,” Hausler said. “It was a pleasant experience for us.”

Lee Anne Muldoon, publicist for Warner Bros. during the filming of “Man of Steel,” is currently working on a Disney film and is not aware of filming plans in Yorkville.

Website IMDb.com reports that “Batman vs. Superman” will be released in July of next year. The CBS affiliate in Detroit, Mich. reports that the Michigan film industry is preparing for a Superman-Batman movie.

starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman.

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