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Sandwich Christmas tradition began with one man's generosity

SANDWICH – What began as one man’s charitable action has become a way for the entire Sandwich community to come together to help those in need during the Christmas season.

The Franklin Mall Christmas Project started in 1954, when Franklin Mall decided to help the less fortunate by delivering groceries to their houses for Christmas dinner.  On Christmas Eve, Mall personally delivered cheer baskets with fresh fruit to senior citizens who were shut-in or alone for the holiday. As time went on, Mall, along with his wife and children, worked with the Sandwich community each year to collect food for the Christmas boxes and deliver them to families.

When Mall’s health began to deteriorate, the Sandwich Lions Club took over the project. Mall’s grandson, Kyle Wallis, is a member of the Lions Club. Wallis and his family continue the project that his grandfather started almost 60 years ago.

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