Author looks to create change

Author Amy Logan
Author Amy Logan

JOLIET — Amy Logan has written her first children’s book, “A Girl With A Cape,” and she hopes to use the book to create a wave of change.

The story introduces a little girl who wears her mom’s leopard-print scarf as a superhero cape in hopes of doing something big to make the world a better place.

What the girl doesn’t realize is that she’s already doing just that.

“There’s so much bullying in the schools lately and all around us for that matter. I felt there was something more that I could do to make a difference,” Logan said.

The mother of two children, and a former educator, Logan wants to show kids the positive effect their words can have on people.

“Not only kids, but adults also need to realize that what they say matters; that one simple kind word or kind action has the power to change someone’s whole day and that one action can change a lifetime,” Logan said.

The message is simple. The book is about paying it forward using kindness. Logan hopes to start a campaign to Create A Positive Environment: C.A.P.E.

“Kids learn by example. When you encourage a child, you create a child that believes in himself or herself and encourages others,” Logan said.

At a kid’s level, the book demonstrates the ripple affect that one act of kindness has on the world. “We all have the power to change the world, one act of kindness at a time,” Logan said. “And here’s the really cool part: we never know just how far that one little act travels or how many people it affects.”

Even though the target age group is kindergarten through fourth grade, this is a great message for kids and adults alike. Last school year, Logan spoke at a school assembly, and the principal contacted her later saying that they saw a decline in referrals in May. He said this is usually when the referrals spike higher.

The book is available for purchase only at www.GotYourCape.com or during presentations and signings.

The book sells for $17.95 plus tax and comes with a leopard-print scarf, like the heroine’s superhero cape.

Editor’s note: Amy Logan is the wife of Vince Logan who teaches law enforcement at Indian Valley Vocational Center in Sandwich.

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