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Sister churches team up

The United Methodist Church of Plano has a sister church with the South Shore United Methodist Church in Chicago. This was accomplished through the promotion of United Methodist church-to-church and congregation-to-congregation connections through cooperative missions and ministries. This endeavor embraces change and joint fellowship working together for God’s work. The two churches will reach outward through joint projects to meet the needs of their communities. Future plans include members visiting each other’s churches, attending the Smallville Superfest, food drives and children’s activities. Pictured in front of South Shore United Methodist Church are Rev. Adonna Reid (South Shore), Matt Wyncoop, Janet Massey, Karen Mikkelson, Lois Morrow (South Shore), Gerri Henze, Amy Curtis, Pat Maupin, Linda Oleson, Stephanie Purnell (South Shore), Donald Taylor (South Shore), Pastor Kent Svendsen, Gregg Wehrs and Lupino Taylor (South Shore).

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