Bull Moose celebrates second anniversary

SANDWICH — On March 7, 2011, after a full year of renovations and much anticipation, the Bull Moose Bar & Grille opened its doors in Sandwich. On the corner of Main Street and U.S. Route 34, one can take a little step back in time. 

The principal feature of this restaurant is the Pullman dining rail car, the only one of its kind that remains intact today. This train car was built in 1893 and was so extraordinary in its day that it was debuted at the Chicago World’s Fair.

Later it was commissioned by President Theodore Roosevelt to be used during his presidential campaigns, including his final race with the Bull Moose Progressive party, from which the restaurant takes its name.

As Sandwich is a town known for its rich history and quaint atmosphere, this restaurant is a perfect fit, as one of the few places in Illinois where you can dine in a historic train car. However, the Bull Moose’s roots in the community have grown much deeper than just its history in these past two years.

The Bull Moose Bar & Grille has become the type of place “where everyone knows your name.” The Bull Moose has hosted numerous benefit events to support local causes, such as the bike wash to raise money for disabled veterans and biannual art shows in support of Open Door.

Furthermore, the restaurant won the Kendall County Chili Cook-off in 2011, and in 2012 took first place in the Kendall County Burger Competition. A new lunch specials menu will be unveiled this month, and the burger of the week will continue.

The Bull Moose will host its second anniversary celebration on March 7. Other scheduled events include celebrity bartending, with proceeds benefiting charity and the 120th birthday of the rail car in October. For more information, visit online at BullMooseBar.com.

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