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Fifty bowl for fun

The Plano United Methodist Church Education Committee, together with Plano Hometown Lanes, conducted a “Bowl for Fun” afternoon on Sunday, Feb. 17 at Plano Hometown Lanes.

Fifty excited people from local churches bowled two games of “crazy bowl,” enjoyed the food and soda, and socialized with their friends. Prizes were given to those that bowled a strike with a colored headpin.

A big thank you goes to Plano Hometown Lanes for the great outing, providing the facility and being fun to work with; local media for their promotion of the event; area churches for encouraging church members to participate; Gerri Henze, Pat Morris, and Cliff Oleson for their help and support; and the 50 people who made it all happen. A fun time was had by all.

Linda Oleson

Fun Bowl chairperson

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