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Let's hope this is winter's last gasp

With apologies to those who earn a portion of their income plowing snow, I am sick of winter. Again this week, as I write my column on Thursday afternoon, we are hearing about the threat of snow. Most reports say about 2 to 4 inches.

I know we need the precipitation, but I want warm weather and rain. You don’t have to shovel rain. I’m ready for car shows, fairs, festivals, farmers’ markets, garage sales and, yes, even baseball. And I’m ready to start complaining about the heat. I don’t complain about it much, but I hate the cold. I’m starting to understand why people move to Florida or Arizona or anyplace warm when they retire.

Speaking of fairs, are you ready for the Sandwich Fair? I received an email from Larry Dannewitz of the fair board of directors, and he said the board is putting the finishing touches on the entertainment. I can hardly wait! He knows how much I love the fair.

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