Divas grows from consignment shop to boutique

Pictured is just one of the many jewelry displays at Divas II in Sandwich.
Pictured is just one of the many jewelry displays at Divas II in Sandwich.

SANDWICH — What started as a simple women’s clothing and accessory consignment shop has grown into a showcase for talented local jewelry designers and other craftspeople.

Claudia Bullington opened Divas II, at 4742 E. 2750th Road (Sheridan Blacktop), about a year ago with a handful of consignors. Today she has more than 100. Along with women consigning clothing, she has gained hair accessories designed by Amanda Singleton; jewelry designed by Nina Ferreri, Marge Hubbard and Amber Woolsey; jewelry design and repair by Betty Armes; jewelry and hair accessories by Sarah Jeter; custom-knit hats and scarves by Donna Poulis; fashion scarves by Jackie Jeter; handspun fibers, felted soaps and alterations by Vicki Johnson; and hand-sewn purses and totes by LouAnn Russell.

“All are really talented local ladies,” Bullington said. She added that Ferreri has quite a large following, and Singleton works with about a dozen boutiques.

“I’m really excited by all these changes. We’ve become more of a boutique than just a resale shop,” Bullington said.

She also has expanded the formal area of the shop with everything from prom dresses to a bridal gowns and mother-of-the-bride dresses.

Bullington explained that the apparel, with the exception of the formal wear and period costumes, is rotated every 120 days. At the end of the consignment period, the consignor has the option of picking up items or leaving them for donation.

“We are excited to partner with a shelter for battered women. Our donations go to provide clothes for interviews and build wardrobes for women returning to the workplace.

“We understand the need for these organizations to be low-key, and it took me a while to find one to support. I would like to extend donations to other local organizations or churches that support this cause and invite them to call me,” she said.

Bullington also works closely with the adjoining Gold-n-Coin Shop.

Owner Jackie Jeter said she works with potential clients to get the best price for their jewelry and coins.

“I tell customers what makes us different is that we educate them. We’re honest and we believe in customer service, first and foremost,” Jeter said. “I have people come in just to look at our coin books.

“And if I know someone else can pay more, I’ll send a customer their way.” If customers bring in jewelry that turns out to be costume, she will send them Bullington’s way to consign. Bullington reciprocates when customers bring in gold and silver.

Divas II can be reached at 815-498-6169. The Gold-n-Coin Shop is at 815-498-6064. Both can be found on Facebook.

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