Sandwich, IL
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School-related issues addressed

As the chairman of the Regional Office of Education Committee for LaSalle County, I have some school-related issues to report to the voters. There will be a question on the April 9 ballot in the form of a referendum, asking residents of LaSalle County to impose a 1 percent sales tax on all sales throughout the county.

There are 800 students attending Sandwich schools who live in the northern part of LaSalle County. Should voters approve the referendum, all the school districts in LaSalle County would then share the sales tax revenue which can be used only for facility-related expenses such as new buildings, renovations and maintenance. It cannot be used for salaries, overhead, buses, furniture and fixtures or other operating expenses.

If voters approve the sales tax, it would not be applied to groceries purchased, prescription or over-the-counter medications, any vehicle requiring state licensing, farm equipment or parts.   If the referendum is approved, the money generated from all towns and areas in LaSalle County will be distributed to the school districts, depending on enrollment numbers.

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