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Bouchons: A chocolate lover’s delight

Valentine’s Day is upon us and we cooks are thinking about what can we whip up that’s special for our significant other. Chocolate is a perennial winner on this holiday. But this year, we need something new, something special and unique.

Below is a recipe that you will wonder how you have lived without all these years. It’s simple in its preparation and amazingly rich in its flavor. You may garnish these with just a sprinkle of powdered sugar or you can take an extra few minutes and make some chocolate ganache.

These can be made in flexi muffin molds or stainless steel timbale molds (a bit like large shot glasses). In any case begin by buttering and flouring your molds. Also, please use imported Dutch Cocoa Powder. Do not use Hershey’s, you will be disappointed.

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