Public entrance changes at Valley West

Everyone asked to use emergency entrance during remainder of construction

SANDWICH — Since Jan. 28, the main entrance of Valley West Community Hospital was closed due to construction of the new patient wing. All patients and visitors are asked to use the emergency room entrance as the main entrance to the hospital until construction is complete.

“We understand that changing the location of the entrance can be confusing and inconvenient, and we wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t necessary to ensure to the safety of all patients and visitors during the remainder of the construction,” said Dave Proulx, assistant vice president Valley West operations.

The emergency room entrance is located just off north Main Street, and faces north. Patient registration staff and volunteers will be available in the emergency room entrances throughout the construction.

In addition to the main entrance change, effective Feb. 11, other doors previously open throughout the day will be locked around the clock. “These doors are being locked for additional safety and security of our patients and our employees,” said Proulx. The doors being locked are the Pleasant Avenue lobby entrance (facing Salem Lutheran Church), and the East Parking lot (formerly known as the Clinic Entrance) entrance.

All visitors are encouraged to use the main entrance of the hospital when entering or leaving the building. For help finding a patient room or an outpatient service, volunteers are available. For more information about the Valley West expansion and construction project, visit valleywest.org.

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