Cold weather awakens grateful spirit

When the weather is as brutally cold as it has been lately, I’m especially grateful that I work indoors, my car is running well, I have warm clothes, and I have a warm home, a clean bed to sleep in at night and a job to pay for those things.

Not everyone is so blessed.

The poor economy in recent years has cost millions their jobs and homes. And while homelessness would appear to be a big city problem, it occurs in every community. Maybe small-town residents do a better job of taking care of each other. It’s true if Kendall County PADS is any indication.

PADS – short for Public Action to Deliver Shelter – has been around Kendall County just since 2010. In that 2½ years, the seven sites have hosted more than 1,100 overnight stays. Seven different churches around the county serve as host sites.

To have a fully-staffed roster, director Anne Engelhardt said 550 volunteers would be ideal. About 500 are available. More volunteers are needed.

I would urge any adult, 18 or older, to volunteer for this worthwhile organization, providing a very basic need to those who need it most. For more information, visit

On a lighter note, when my cover story idea for this issue fell through, I realized there is a lot going on at the Sandwich Opera House in the next few weeks. If you’re looking for a little entertainment, shows at the Opera House are reasonably priced.

Choices run the gamut from family-oriented entertainment to local singers and songwriters looking to make a name for themselves to well-known national acts. Several of the shows in the performing arts series for children and seniors sound fantastic.

For a complete calendar of upcoming shows, visit

Have a great week, stay warm and enjoy this issue of the Valley Free Press.

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