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Soup warms body and soul on a winter day

At last winter’s chill has plunged the area into a deep freeze. When faced with cold weather, the foods we crave need a certain body to them. One of these important dishes is soup. In American folklore, chicken soup is said to be a healing meal.

One thing we know for sure is soup can be exceptionally nutritious, while at the same time being satisfying to a wide variety of the needs of our taste buds.

At my house, I make large pots of soup, cool them down, and then portion them into individual servings for my freezer. Of course I label these, with the contents and date. The best way to thaw is to place the frozen container of soup in the refrigerator overnight, but I don’t always remember. So sometimes I need to take the soup container out of the freezer and place the container in a pan of warm water. This will begin to thaw the soup.

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