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Sherry's opens for business

PLANO — After being closed just a month for renovation, the former Main Street Cafe is under new ownership with a new name – Sherry’s American Café at 1 E. Main St. in Plano.

“The sign says Sherry’s Café, but the name is Sherry’s American Café – in honor of (Sherry’s) son,” said co-owner Gene Olson. Her son, Bill Gerard, serves in the military.

Olson’s partners in the venture are Sherry and Don Frisch.

The renovation of the building was just the beginning, although Olson admitted they often found layers that needed to be cleaned or simply torn up and replaced.

“We’ve got fresh paint, good food and smiling faces - most of the time,” Sherry Frisch said.

“I always wanted to do this,” she said. “I’ve waited tables for 38 years. It was time.

“This is a challenge, a real eye-opener,” she added.

Olson said he worked as a cook years ago. “I’ve been around food services and built cafeterias, but I’ve never run a restaurant.”

He said – with a chuckle and an eye roll – they are learning about the details, including managing a staff. They employe three waitresses, two cooks and a dishwasher. “I do a little bit of everything,” Olson said.

Frisch said they are trying new recipes with the freshest ingredients. “People like homemade,” she said.

“The only thing instant is the cocoa,” Olson added.

Frisch said their first month in business was pretty good. Open from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. for breakfast and lunch, Frisch said they plan to get through the winter and get things running smoothly before extending hours.

“We plan to stay open a couple of evenings for dinner, eventually,” she said.

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