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December students of the month named

SANDWICH – Indian Valley Vocational Center has announced its December list of students of the month. This recognition program may spotlight a student from 13 programs on site, plus cosmetology and fire science, selected by the program instructors. Not all instructors choose a student each month.

The criteria included are qualities such as outstanding professional work, enthusiasm, attendance, initiative and demonstrated work ethic. The students receive a certificate denoting this award. The December students of the month are:

Jacob Hegland, Sandwich, auto body repair; Jasmine Veliz, Sandwich, automotive technology; Gage Arntzen, Serena, building trades; Mitchell Prentice, Paw Paw, computer technology; Brandt Wheeler, Sandwich, culinary arts; Tyler Tizel, Sandwich, drafting and design; Kersten Kidd, Paw Paw, early childhood development; Zachary Overmyer, Yorkville, fire science; Kayla Olds, Sandwich, graphic communications; Kelsi Becker, Sandwich, health communications - CNA; Joseph Runkle, Yorkville, health occupations - exploring medical careers; Brandon Fraciscy, Sandwich, sports medicine / management; and Jeff Hall, Earlville, welding and fabrication.

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