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Somonauk Middle School announces honor roll

SOMONAUK — Somonauk Middle School has announced the names of students on the honor roll for the first trimester of the 2012-13 school year.

High honors

Eighth grade – Kylie Anderson, Nathaniel Anthenat, Madison Bell, Milleah Britt, Grace Ciesielczyk, Olivia Delo, Tanner Dissell, Kory Eaton, Ethan Fischer, Rayann Gilchrist, Allison Glover, Kristin Haag, Austin Hatton, Natalie Hunt, Cassidy Johnson, John Johnson, Madison Kawall, Kaitlyn Kulton, Ryan Lumsden, Clayton Ohlson, Reagan Orzech, Maria Ospina, Jensen Parks, Austin Pfau, Allison Rott, Jacob Sampson, Joshua Sampson, Samantha Suchaczewski, Benjamin Svoboda, Stephanie Trost, Breanne Wiborg, Trace Woodward, Kristen Zaeske and Matthew Zaeske.

Seventh grade – Allison Bentley, Trevor Bonn, Jessica Christiansen, Brieann Donahue, Alana Drapinski, Tayler Fall, Sydni Frederick, Emma Horsch, Lily Knox, Jenna Lara, Kayla Lohmar, Chloe Mason, Caitlyn Merkel, Amanda Miller, Andrew Milligan, Aireal Mize, Keith Mokry, McKenna Potter, Madeline Power, Emily Some, Kylie Strom, David Torres, David Tripp, Krysta Watts, Hunter Woodward and Destiny York.

Sixth grade – Reilly Banning, Tyler Bateman, Kaitlynn Boczko, Callalily Britt, Clifford Ciesielczyk, Kaylee Davenport, Cameron Davis, Tyler Decker, Emily Denault, Mikensi Dissell, Leah Fox, Robert Hanson, Nathan Hunt, Lauren Kawall, Steven Kenyon, Jeffrey Larsen, Sean Lichtenauer, Ava Marshall, McKenna Nelson, Zachary Olson, Hannah Paver, Shelby Peritore, Cody Smith, Johnnathon Waszak, Andrew Westbrook and Ryan Zaeske.

Fifth grade – Lexi Bell, Kiersten Bennett, McKenna Dayhuff, Morgan Dubois, Madison Eads, Evelyn Ebersohl, Meghan Franzone, Justin Grabow, Rebecca Harms, Megan Harper, Micah Hett, Weston Hologa, Alison Ivanauskas, Erin Keenan, Chloe Kulton, Gregory Larsen, Breanna Lee, Doris Mantzke, Jonathan Matejovsky, Garrett McNurlan, Samantha Miller, Adeline Moore, Maxwell Neidigh, Mary Ann Powers, Liam Roberts, Alexander Runge, Mary Seville, Tyler Smith, Francis Starble, Madelynn Streadwick, Miranda Svatek, Rylee Thomas, Charles Titzel, Charles Vermeland and Makayla Woodward.


Eighth grade – Lucas, Glab, Kayla Heerhold, Maya Hobson, Andrew Jackson, Brendan Lenhardt, Reise Morphey, Marisa Pellegrino, Kylee Schiltz and Rebecca Swan.

Seventh grade – Grace Ballas, Faith Bateman, Sydni Coultrip, Destiny Eaton, Ethan Enders, Samantha Hart, Olivia Larson, Clayton Morris, Marta Salgado, Avery Sexton and Hannah Wasson.

Sixth grade – Samuel Brooks, Emily Chism, Hailey Daniel, Morgan Diebold, Grace Gozder, Matthew Grommes, Scott Herzog, Montana Hitchcock, Hailey Jansen, Samantha Pence, Isaac Suchaczewski, Jade Tonazzi and Vanessa Williams.

Fifth grade – Kelsey Albright, Bailey Altman, Jared Banister, Elijah Ciesielczyk, Austin Espinoza, Savannah Fuchs, Noah Gabrys, Josie King, Claire Lamb, Justice Moodie, Vanessa Pyle, Lillian Scott, Adam Seville, Jesse Tollefson, Brian Vannorman, Kevin Vazquez, Madison Vermeland, Raeghan Vidito and Allyson Waszak.

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