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Somonauk selects Verde Energy to supply electricity

SOMONAUK -- The village of Somonauk has announced that Verde Energy USA would become its electricity supplier of choice. Verde Energy USA, a leading alternative energy supplier serving more than 50,000 customers in 12 municipalities in the Illinois market, participated in an open request for proposal) process following the passage of an electrical aggregation referendum on Nov. 6.

Under the terms of the agreement with Verde, residents will receive a two-year fixed rate of $.05118 per kilowatt hour, a savings up to 38 percent off current utility rates. Residents also have the option to elect 100 percent renewable energy supply, if so desired.

“We are very pleased to have come out on top in the competitive bidding process, and we’re excited about the opportunity to serve the residents of Somonauk,” said Thomas FitzGerald, president and CEO of Verde Energy USA.

“As we have done in so many other communities in Illinois, we will deliver residents meaningful savings on their electricity bills, as well as helping them with programs to reduce their energy consumption.”

Electric service under the newly negotiated rates is scheduled to begin in February 2013 and “opt-out” notifications were mailed on Dec. 11. Verde Energy USA will work with village officials to notify all eligible customers of the electric supply rate, terms and conditions and their right to “opt-out” of the program. Residential and small commercial retail customers will have the right to “opt-out” of the aggregation program without penalty and remain with ComEd purchased electricity. Customers who do not “opt-out” can leave the program at any time within the 24 month term without penalty.

In addition, Somonauk residents will have unlimited access to Verde Energy Savings Solutions (ESS) tools These tools, available exclusively to Verde Energy USA customers, will allow Village residents to monitor and analyze their monthly energy usage, access information on how they can reduce their energy consumption, and purchase energy-saving products at a discount. 

Verde Energy USA is a rapidly growing Retail Energy Supplier focused on the residential and small to mid-size commercial power markets. Through Verde Energy Solutions, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Verde aims to broaden and accelerate the adoption of state-of-the-art clean energy technologies. Headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., Verde Energy USA has grown substantially since its market launch in November 2009. Servicing markets in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio, Verde is strategically positioned for continued growth in new markets including New York, Massachusetts and Maryland. For more information, visit

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