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Thanks for continued vote of confidence

With the November 2012 election behind us, I want to express my appreciation for the privilege of representing the residents of LaSalle County in District 5 for the past four years and for allowing me to continue for another four years. It has been a rewarding and educational experience to be involved in local county government.

I appreciate the feedback and questions that I have received via email and phone contacts regarding various issues that have been of concern. I encourage all to be informed of what goes on with your local government – be it county, township, city, etc.

After the election, the county has been restructured with new members coming on and old members leaving their committees.

LaSalle County Board standing committees is where most of the hands-on work is done to run the county government. We review and approve the bills, pay salaries, discuss new business, approach new ideas and throw out old ones.

Having been re-elected, I retained my place on the nursing home and veterans commission committee, and regional office of education and health department, of which I am now the chairperson. Additionally, I have returned to the tourism committee and have acquired auditor, recorder, state’s attorney, and public defender committees. This will be interesting and educational for me.

Currently, the LaSalle County Board is mostly Republican. As a result of this past election, we have 15 Republicans and 14 Democrats on the board. This may be important for some issues, but mostly we agree to do what is best for the county residents. Rarely do we vote along party lines at the county level.

Hopefully my county update articles have helped to keep you informed of county events. If there is a county issue that you have questions about, do not hesitate to contact me.

My family and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year!

Cathy Owens is a LaSalle County Board member representing the county’s 5th District. She can be reached at jcowens@indianvalley.com.

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