It's party time!

The party season can now begin in earnest. There are all kinds of parties leading up to Christmas – office parties, club parties, parties with friends, parties with neighbors and any reason we can think of to share food and good cheer.

With quite a few of these events, we like to bring a “dish to pass.” Some of us have dishes that we are known for, dishes expected at each and every occasion. However, as good as some of those dishes may be, that can get a little old. Who wants to be known as a “one-trick pony?” So, we should have a good number of dishes in our recipe box that we can be proud to serve at any of these holiday get togethers.

Through the month of December, most of the recipes I will share with you are appetizers. Everybody loves a good appetizer – little bites of our favorite foods, combined in unique and tasty ways. You could make a meal on just a plate full of appetizers. Some cultures do just that and call it tapas.

Today’s recipe is simple, yet will wow your guests and have them thanking you.

Roast Beef Canapés

1 loaf dark pumpernickel bread, crust removed

1 package Boursin cheese (there are several flavors available)

1/3 lb roast beef, rare, sliced thin and cut into quarters

3 Tbl fresh dill leaves or tarragon, chopped

Sea salt

Cut bread slices into triangular quarters. Spread each piece with a dollop of Boursin cheese. Roll your quarter strip of roast beef and place on top of the cheese, place three or four granules of sea salt on the beef and sprinkle with a little dill or tarragon.

These can be made ahead of time and refrigerated for up to four hours. Be sure to bring them back to room temperature before serving.

If you like, you can lightly toast the bread prior to slicing off the crust and cutting it into the triangular quarters.

Look for Chef Darrel’s blog on the website of our sister paper, Anyone with questions or comments for Chef Darrel is welcome to call him at 630-235-0672.

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