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Students, staff honored

PLANO — Plano High School encourages staff to nominate students for student of the month, and students and administration to nominate staff members for staff member of the month.

Students of the month for the month of October were Gladys Herrera, fine arts; Alejandra Garcia, science; Jesse Martinez, math; Alejandra Garcia, English; Joseph Grimes, PE; Monica Diaz, career tech ed; Rose Appel, humanities; and Jordan Luna, IVVC.

Students are nominated for PRIDE behavior – Personal responsibility, Respect, Involved academically, Demonstrates safe behavior and Excellence in what they do.

Staff members of the month for October were: Tim Fisher, fine arts; Rachel Arend, science; Rebecca Zumpf, math; Bryan Phillips, PE; Melissa Higgins, English; Carol Pillsbury, career tech ed; and Linda Oleson, humanities.

Staff members are nominated for going above and beyond what is expected. They receive a certificate and a breakfast in their honor.

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