Nearly time for 2012 last call

We have returned to Springfield to make our final 2012 legislative decisions. Keep in mind that only the truly controversial pieces of legislation receive media attention. Through this newsletter I try to provide a quick review of the less publicized bills that may impact your life.

Last week a few bills, some major and some minor, were passed by the House. Most originally came from, and have been voted on by, the Senate. You’ll recognize them by the SB in front of the bill number. House bills are defined by HB in front of the number. Bills must be approved by both the Senate and House, and be signed by the governor, to become law. Any piece of legislation can be tracked at

Not home for the holidays

Legislators partnered with the Red Cross to send notes to our service men and women, reminding them of our support while they represent us around the world. They may be cold, hot, wet, dry, sandy or muddy. Wherever they may be serving, they’re often far from home and may have no access to resources or a kind word. If you’d like to help, many of our American Legions and Veterans of Foreign War posts are distribution points for sending both. Below, find contact information and needed supplies.

Newark Legion – Norman Meier, 815-695-5750

Plano Legion – Bob Whitmer, 708-552-8313,

Food: powdered drink mixes, hot chocolate, instant coffee packets, beef jerky, non-melting hard candy, store bought cookies and rice crispy treats, breakfast bars, small box cereals, peanuts, canned or dry soups, canned fruit, crackers, canned chips, pretzels, tuna in pouch or pop-top cans, raisins, trail mix, bean and cheese dips, popcorn in packages.

Hygiene: waterless and antibacterial soaps, hair products, non aerosol deodorant, foot powder, toothpaste and brushes, dental floss, disposable razors and non aerosol shaving cream, lotion and moisturizers, cotton swabs, eyeglass wipes, Q-tips, baby wipes, nail clippers.

First aid: lip balm, sunscreen, no-water aspirin, moisturizing eye drops, saline nasal spray, cough drops, flexible cloth bandages, blister care.

Practical: padded shoe insoles, flashlight with batteries, water bottles with straps, bug repellant, Ziploc bags, batteries in original package, pocket Kleenex, vitamins.

Extras: deck of cards, small board games, crossword puzzles, books and magazines, football, baseball, soccer or Nerf balls, sunglasses, phone calling cards, air fresheners, blank cards and pens, disposable cameras, tablet laundry detergent.

I know the servicewomen and men and those that love them will appreciate your efforts.

Kay Hatcher, R-Yorkville, is the state representative for the 50th Legislative District. She can be reached at her Yorkville office at 630-553-3223 or by email at Follow frequent updates on Facebook by adding State Representative Kay Hatcher as a friend.

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