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County administrator selected

With a unanimous vote, the DeKalb County Board named Gary Hanson the new DeKalb County administrator. Hanson is the Deputy County Administrator for DeKalb County, and has been employed with the county for 29 years. Hanson will replace Ray Bockman, who is retiring from the position after 28 years.

DeKalb County budget approved

The DeKalb County Board also approved a $73 million budget at the November board meeting. This will result in a property tax bill increase of about $11 for the average homeowner. Some county departments will see less funding this coming year, but a couple other departments will see an increase due to cuts to those departments in previous years.

The two departments scheduled for increases are the public defender’s office and the sheriffs office. A motion also passed for an additional $74,000 for the public defender’s office due to additional workload.

Final county meeting for this year

We planned to have our last county board meeting this calendar year with the current members at 7:30 p.m. Monday Dec. 3. Immediately after the regular board meeting, the new members of the board were to be sworn in and the new county board seated.

We then planned to conduct our organizational meeting with the new board, selecting the board chairman and vice chairman, along with chairs and vice chairs for each board committee. My next column will announce the individuals who will fill these positions.

Jeff Metzger, R-Sandwich, is a DeKalb County Board member representing the county’s 12th District. He can be reached at jeffmachv8@yahoo.com.

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