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Consider children in need when shopping

I hope everyone survived Black Friday none the worse for wear. Did you do any shopping that day? I haven’t braved the crowds on that day for several years.

Oh, it was fun when I was younger, but I value those extra hours of sleep more these days.

If you still have some shopping to do, I would encourage you to buy a toy for a child who might otherwise not get any. The DeKalb County Marine Corps League again will collect and distribute toys to families in the area through its annual Toys For Tots campaign.

Area coordinator Jim Hill has a lot of sites available for you to deposit your new, unwrapped toys.

• In Sandwich, toys may be dropped off at the Sandwich Fire Department, For Kids Only, Knuckle Hedz, Castle Bank, Centrue Bank, Heartland Bank (formerly Citizens) on Church Street and Gletty Road, Swanson’s Realty, Dojo Dynamics, De-Railed and the National Bank & Trust Co.;

• In Somonauk, Heartland Bank (formerly Citizens), Bud’s Citgo, Somonauk Fire Department and The Kitchen resturant;

• In Plano, the Plano Fire Department Stations 1 and 2, Centrue Bank, Heartland Bank (formerly Citizens), Old Second Bank, Casey’s, Rural King, Plano BP and the American Legion;

• In Leland, Maddie’s and NB&T;

• In Waterman, Waterman State Bank and the Farmers & Traders Bank;

• In Earlville, Polka’s;

• In Hinckley, Resource Bank and Hinckley State Bank;

• In Serena, NB&T;

• In Newark, Heartland Bank (formerly Citizens); and

• In Millbrook, the Millbrook Fire Department and Heartland Bank (formerly Citizens).

Hill said in Earlville, Polka’s, in collaboration with the Earlville Lions Club, collects toys and hands them out to local children. The toys left over are donated to Toys For Tots.

“Last year, because of the generosity of the people of southern DeKalb County, northern LaSalle County and western Kendall County, more than 738 local children each received two gifts and a stuffed animal for Christmas. More than 2,200 toys were distributed over a period of three days from the Sandwich VFW Hall,” Hill said.

More than 1,000 toys, not chosen by local families, were taken to the Salvation Army in DeKalb for distribution to families in DeKalb County. In addition to the toys, cash donations totaling $559 were used to purchase toys for those age groups that had few, if any, donations.

Anyone with questions about Toys for Tots is urged to call Jim Hill at 847-417-9861.

Considering how unstable the economy has been, those numbers are just astounding. I’m always amazed at the generosity of area residents. It seems that few charitable needs go unfilled. And I expect this year to be no different.

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