Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the support

Where does a person begin to thank people who are so dedicated and involved in a cause?  During the past couple of months there have been trying times in my personal and family life.  It also was a busy time politically, during my campaign for Kendall County coroner.

I would like to thank all of the people who helped during my campaign for coroner. Whether it was wishing me well, offering advice, walking door-to-door, making a donation, distributing fliers, helping with yard signs, making phone calls, or just asking me and my wife if we were doing OK. There are truly some great people in Kendall County who care about the quality of life here.

The experience of going door-to-door and speaking with the community was absolutely wonderful. I have met so many people and made some new friends in the process. I would like to thank everyone that voted for me and turned out for the election.  I wish the people of Kendall County well. Again thank you for your help, your votes and your support.

Mike Dabney, independent candidate for Kendall Co. coroner 


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