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Lifelong resident kicks off project

SANDWICH — Bob Wright has supported the Franklin Mall Christmas Project since the mid-1970s, baking lots of sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies for the Christmas Cheer Baskets delivered to the elderly on Christmas Eve.

This year, he kicked off the effort by making a substantial donation to the Franklin Mall Christmas Project administered by the Sandwich Lions Club.

Wright and his wife, Jeanette, took over the State Farm agency in Sandwich when Bill Westbrook retired in December 2011. The business is located in a new office building at 306 E. Church St., Sandwich.

Wright said  “The agency gives us a great opportunity to continue serving our community. We are excited to be able to help great organizations like the Lions Club in their community-focused activities.”

He remembers when Franklin Mall first teamed up with the Lions Club and “it established a tremendous legacy of community giving and sharing that will outlast all of us. To be associated with this project and the Lions Club is a real honor.”

Last year, 250 boxes of non-perishable groceries were delivered in mid-December to deserving families and individuals living within the boundaries of Sandwich School District 430.

Each of the boxes contained an Art’s Super Market gift card that could be used for needed fresh food. The gift cards were purchased with funds donated by area businesses and residents.

Financial contributions can be mailed or taken to Debbie Hanson at Castle Bank, 100 W. Church St., Sandwich, IL 60548. Checks should be written to the Franklin Mall Christmas Project.

Decorated boxes for non-perishable grocery donations will be placed soon in local businesses, churches and schools.

For more information about the grocery project, call Mickey Farley, Sandwich Lions Club chairman of the grocery project, at 815-786-8086, or Ron Wallis, adviser, at 815-786-8095.

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