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Resource Bank announces Somonauk branch grand opening

SOMONAUK — Resource Bank announces the opening of a bank branch in Somonauk on Tuesday, Nov. 13. The new branch is at 605 E. Market St., the corner of Dewey Street and U.S. Route 34.

The new branch will offer full deposit and loan services with convenient business hours opening at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Resource Bank’s near term plans for Somonauk include conveniences of additional drive-thru tellers, a 24-hour ATM and safe deposit boxes.

Stacia (Robinson) Little, a lifelong area resident of the area, will be in the Somonauk office as the commercial and agricultural advisor.

Little earned her bachelor of arts in accounting from Aurora University. She joined Resource Bank four years ago and has more than 21 years of banking experience.

Little grew up on the family farm in rural Leland and now lives near the homestead with her husband, Nick, and their two daughters. She said she looks forward to assisting the community with its financial needs.

Since its founding in Malta in 1901, Resource Bank has been locally owned and managed. With the addition of the Somonauk branch, Resource Bank now offers eight locations throughout the DeKalb County area that include Cortland, DeKalb, Genoa, Hinckley, Malta and Sycamore.

President and CEO Richard Katz said, “Our commitment to the Somonauk area is a ‘yes’ vote on the community’s future. We are their neighbor and partner and we pledge to make a difference by working together.”

To speak with a client advisor in Somonauk, call 815-498-1280 or visit www.ResourceBank.com.

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