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Bingo on tap for Golden Harvesters potluck

PLANO — The Golden Harvesters will meet at 5:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 9 at the First Lutheran Church for a potluck supper. Participants are asked to bring a dish to pass and table service; meat and beverages are provided.

After the potluck, bingo will be played with President Nancy Hyte calling. Bring a wrapped white elephant gift for bingo prizes.

At the October meeting, Halloween costumes were judged by Anne Sears and the Little Rockets, Abigail Way and Lauren Roberts.

Dick Popp won scariest prize for his warlock suit and Bev Popp won for the prettiest cowgirl. Both are from Yorkville. Cora Hughes from Plano won the funniest costume for her robe, PJs and slippers.

Secretary Dorothy Savitski announced Ann Lesick sent copies of her spinach artichoke dip to share with everyone. This was served at the September meeting. Dorothy also thanked the kitchen band for returning the September entertainment check to the club.

On behalf of the Golden Harvesters, Hyte presented 1973 charter member Margaret Ramsey with a cake and all sang “Happy Birthday” for her 96th birthday, which will be Nov. 6.

Thank you to 4-H member Abigail Way’s dad for doing dishes.

The Plano authors sold and signed many copies of their book. Thanks to authors Anne Sears, Christy Lawrie Gravlin and Jeanne Valentine. Valentine presented a slide show.

Upcoming programs include: Dec. 14, Sister Carol and the bell ringers; January, no meeting due to weather; February, Little Rockets 4-H talent show; March, Last Night’s Fun Band to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; and April, bingo.

For more information or to get a ride, caall Jane Jacobson at 630-552-1685.

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