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Citizens donates to Newark, Serena schools

Citizens First National Bank recently presented a check for $375 to Newark High School and a check for $175 to Serena High School.

Proceeds were earned from orders placed for the spirit debit cards. Citizens First National Bank recently launched its spirit card designs featuring 24 schools with the school’s team mascot or crest as an optional design for the face of the card.The spirit card option allows customers to support their local schools for a $10 cost and Citizens then donates $5 back to the school for each spirit debit card ordered.

“We are excited to be presenting checks to Newark and Serena high school for our spirit cards,” said Thomas Ogaard, president and CEO of Citizens First National Bank. “The response from the community in support of these schools is truly remarkable.”

Other recent donations from the spirit cards have totaled more than $3,300 in support of our local schools.

Customers can order this option through Citizens’ website at www.citizens1st.com or contact a local offices. The full list of participating schools is available on the website.

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