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The good and bad news of the political season

The bad news: ‘Tis the season for the onslaught of phone calls surveying your interests or urging your support at the polls. Please remember that charities, political organizations, surveyors and companies you have done business with are still legally allowed to contact you even if you have joined the Do Not Call Registry (888-382-1222).

Robo-calls can be especially frustrating. I find it interesting that some databased calls are designed to disconnect if a person answers, preferring to have the message go to voicemail so you can’t hang up. One company advertises their service at 2 cents each, with three free retries on all busy signals. Another notes their call capacity is more than 10 million daily, and touts experience in six presidential elections. It’s big business.

The good news: Like most folks, I resent the intrusion. Rest assured you will never receive an automated call from me.

Patch, Patch, Patch

Several Fox Valley school districts were among the 691 statewide who have won grants from the state board of education for repairs and improvements on existing facilities. The dollar-for-dollar program provides up to $50,000 in matching funds as part of the 2009 capital program. A few examples of projects might be removing asbestos, repairing bleachers or resealing parking lots. Newark, Plano, Aurora West, Batavia and Kaneland each qualified for the full $50,000. It should come as no surprise that Chicago automatically receives 20 percent of total funds allocated by the state. You can find the awardee information at www.isbe.net/sbss/excel/smpg-recipients-round1.xlsx.

Around town

Our traveling offices are complete for this year, wrapping up October visits to Mill Creek, Prestbury and Big Rock. I’m delighted many district residents visited and asked questions while we were in their own backyard.

The past few weeks, I joined the attorney general’s staff supporting senior credit safety, attended our Fox Valley retired teacher’s lunch, shared a legislative update with the Yorkville Chamber, welcomed investors to the Montgomery Economic Development Tour, helped open the Hoover Forest Preserve lodge in Yorkville, celebrated roadway safety education at the DuKane Motorcycle Toy Run, supported Kane County Women’s Leadership awards in Maple Park, welcomed the governor to Aurora, attended the township officials’ annual meeting in Batavia, supported the Aurora University elected officials update, attended numerous chamber of commerce events, honored Senior Services Associates in Elgin for its 40th anniversary, helped Plano open the business expo, shared updates with mayors at the Metro West Council of Government annual meeting, had meetings in Sugar Grove with the Illinois Department of Transportation on Route 47 repair and expansion, and supported our food banks at the Montgomery Fun Run and Oswego Fraidy Cat Run.

Kay Hatcher, R-Yorkville, is the state representative for the 50th Legislative District. She can be reached at her Yorkville office at 630-553-3223 or by email at info@kayhatcher.us. Follow frequent updates on Facebook by adding State Representative Kay Hatcher as a friend.

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