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Summer Rec says thanks

Somonauk Summer Recreation thanks all the businesses and individuals that have made the 2012 season a success. A special and overdue thank you to Dan Kramer  for the new field drag and Roger Rankin for mending our ball gloves. Both of these men are Somonauk residents and continue to help with the organization years after their direct involvement has ended.

Walmart once again stepped up with a $500 grant and continues to help the children. The following businesses were team sponsors for the 2012 season: Somonauk Insurance Agency; Art’s Food Market; R-K Stor-All; C.A.W. Auto Inc.; Michael A. Maroscia, DDS; Midwest Dirtworks; Leo’s Awards, Gifts & Engraving; Village Courtyard Restaurant; M.A. Jump’s Financial Services; Community Disposal Inc.; Arends Hogan Walker; Best Kutters; and Subway.

We had additional donations as follows: Community Disposal Inc. (league donation), Arends Hogan Walker, Rambo’s Bar and Grill, Citizens First National Bank (Tim Hume’s Let’s Play Ball Fund) and Valley West Community Hospital (preseason tournament sponsor).

With the efforts of our board and all the parents, we are able to create funds used for a number of projects. This year SSR has made a significant contribution for the construction of dugouts for the Somonauk High School varsity softball and baseball teams and added an overhang to the backstop at the bus barn field. SSR is in the process of starting the construction of dugouts for the bus barn field and has a list of future projects.

SSR wants to continue to assist in improvements for all the facilities that we are allowed to use, but we cannot get this done without all the donations and efforts of everyone involved. Thank you, once again, for another great season.

Somonauk Summer Recreation Board

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