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Newark Legion distributes blue star banners

NEWARK — The Newark American Legion Women’s Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion and members of Newark American Legion Post 459 are distributing blue star banners to all local parents that have a son or daughter serving the armed forces.

The blue star service banner was designed and patented in 1917 by World War I Army Capt. Robert L. Queisser of the 5th Ohio Infantry. His two sons served on the front line. His banner quickly became the unofficial symbol for parents with a child in active military service.

During World War II, the Department of War issued specifications on manufacture of the flag, as well as guidelines indicating when the service flag could be flown and by whom. Restrictions also were placed on who can wear the service lapel pin.

The Department of Defense (DoD) authorized the flag and pin on Dec. 1, 1967 with DoD directive 1348.1, which implemented an act of Congress.

The banner is an 8.5-by-14 inch white field with one or more blue stars sewn onto a red banner. Each star represents a family member serving, and a banner can have as many as five stars.

For more information or to receive a blue star banner, call the Newark American Legion Post at 815-695-5750.

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